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State of the Domain

State of the Domain was an information site providing variety of data, information, analysis and other specs fot the domain name industry. Through State of the Domain, it was possible to get the most comprehensive data and reporting. The idea was to produce data which was thoroughly and insightfully created. Also trend analysis and editorial coverage of the domain industry was part of the quality publications of State of the Domain.

State of the domain specialized on research, consulting and expertise. Through these insights from the domain industry the researchers, innovators and technology developers of State of the Domain were able to create rigorous research and valuable information for the industrys colleagues.

State of the Domain contributed their share for the development of domain industry in creating usefull reports and research data based on internet metrics research. Keypoints of the research was the dilemma how to use host and domain counts to map portions or large areas of the world wide web. The research done by the State of the Domain also gave the readers insights to the methods and systems about the new techniques to do research (pikalaina.me) in the domain industry.

The information and research on this website has been gathered by a media company called Media Tampere, which has been specializing in gathering data and new insights on internet marketing and different techniques used in the world wide web. Part of the information is from the Alennuskoodi.fm site, specially from lainat page.

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