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State of the domain reports

State of the Domain was completely free to all interested subscribers. The idea of State of the Domain reports was to provide an insight look at the fast changes of the domain industry. Also editorial coverage, market trends in the domain industry and market analysis were part of the reports. The reports were published quarterly.

Providing a market place for corporate decission and policy makers was part of the concept. State of the domain contained an archive section, where all the old articles were ready for research and data mining.

The special reports sections provided articles about special topics in the domain industry, such as, resellers, name utilization, revies of value-added products and services etc.

Intresting research articles about domain industry:

Domain: Specific application frameworks: framework experience by industry

Grounded capital: venture financing and the geography of the internet industry 1994-2000

Technology and instutional innovation: Internet domain names

The battle over Internet domain names Global or national TLDS?

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